The VANP membership consists of licensed Naturopathic physicians, Naturopathic medical students, other health professionals, members of the public, businesses and organizations who wish to forward the Naturopathic medical profession in the state of Vermont.

Membership Categories

Professional Membership

Professional members are Naturopathic physicians who graduated from an accredited Naturopathic medical program recognized by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) who hold an active license to practice Naturopathic medicine in Vermont AND who practice Naturopathic medicine in Vermont.

Associate Membership

Associate members are one of 3 types of health care professionals.
Associate Member A: Naturopathic physician who graduated from an accredited naturopathic medical college, recognized by the CNME, who holds an active license in Vermont or another state, and who is not practicing in the state of Vermont.
Associate Member B: a licensed health care professional who does not claim the title naturopath, naturopathic medical doctor (NMD), naturopathic doctor (ND) or naturopathic physician. (Includes: MD, DO, Psy.D, RN, DC, LMT, LAc, etc.)
Associate Member C: any retired licensed health care professional.

Student Membership

Student members are currently enrolled at Naturopathic medical colleges accredited by or with accreditation candidacy by CNME.

Supporting Membership

Supporting members are members of the public (non-health professionals), organizations and corporations who wish to support the VANP.

How to Join VANP

To become a member of the VANP, simply

  1. Download the appropriate application

    Professional Membership application
    Associate Membership application
    Student Membership application
    Corporate Membership application

  2. Download and review the VANP By-Laws

  3. Submit the completed application, required documents, and check for membership dues to:

    PO BOX 4351
    Burlington, VT 05406

You will be notified by the VANP secretary within one month of receipt of your completed application.


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