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Joshua Green, ND — VANP President

Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, General/Family Practice, Geriatrics, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Lifestyle Counseling, Massage Therapy, Men's Health, Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy, Pediatrics, Preventative Medicine, Women's Health

Biography for Dr. Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a licensed physician of naturopathic medicine in the state of Vermont and maintains a private practice in Burlington, VT. Dr. Green is a past professor at the Community College of Vermont where he previously taught Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and Medical Terminology. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University in 2001, Dr. Green graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2007, where he earned his N.D. (Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine), completing the majority of his clinical rotations in community clinics helping the underserved. He then moved to Ithaca, NY where he started his family practice, and 3 years later in 2011 relocated his main practice to Burlington, Vermont. Dr. Green moved to Vermont to be a preferred primary care provider for most insurances, allowing him to be of service to a broader community. At this same time Dr. Green began teaching, following through on one of his lifelong passions. Dr. Green also has advanced training in Traditional Naturopathic Medicine and Constitutional Hydrotherapy from the Carrol Institute of Natural Healing, as well as a certificate for completing the 2 year Classical Homeopathy program from the New England School of Homeopathy. Dr. Green is considered a traditionalist, practicing a classical form of naturopathic medicine, in a direct lineage from Dr. Otis G. Carrol. In addition to seeing patients of all ages for family care, Dr. Green focuses on digestive disorders, mental health, and pediatrics. He currently works primarily with chronic and hard to treat conditions.

Dr. Green’s main goal is to provide safe, affordable, holistic naturopathic family health care to the community. Dr. Green is knowledgeable in natural and conventional medicine, as well as drug:nutrient/herb interactions. He uses herbs, nutrition, food intolerance assessments, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and lifestyle recommendations to support and improve each person’s health. Prescription drugs are used on a case by case basis. Dr. Green is currently accepting new patients. To set up an appointment please call (802) 238-8603, or send us an email at

For appointments or to contact Joshua Green:

Vermont Natural Family Medicine
13 Kilburn St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 238-8603
Fax: (802) 732-9133

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